Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well between work and taking care of my dog, there is barely any time to make a new project. So I thought why not share this little exercise I did during rehearsal for my new play (Details of which I will share when I can :)

Just to update youll on the kind of work I am doing.

This is a movement piece to a Monologue 'Hansy' from the German play 'Spring Awakening' (This isnt the play I am doing).
We were given 10 minutes to prepare a small piece and here is mine.

Feedback and interpretations always welcome!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So many Socks

Do come and watch my play 'So Many Socks' Directed by Quasar Padamsee at Prithvi Theater from the 6th of September until the 9th. Tickets can be booked on

Its sort of my debut into Professional theater so I am really excited and hoping you guys come and give me a feedback.

Here is the link to the facebook event:

Cheers and Wish me luck! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Woman's World.

Woman's World is one of my most intimate pieces as a writer. It took me a long time to bring myself to record this piece. I couldn't think of a way to deliver the script and I really wanted to do something extra ordinary with this story.
Then I saw David Poznanter perform 'Yancy' at the Mumbai Dance festival. Words cannot describe my admiration for his work and I borrowed from his style to create a movement theater piece around the script.

But I realized a shortcoming on my path for I was not able to deliver the story with the emotion I have written it as I was focusing too much on the movement dynamics part of it. And the story is the prime here.
So I have done a broken down version of the piece above and then you get to se the movement piece below it once you have understood the script which I feel is better conveyed in the first version..

Do leave me your thoughts on both the pieces, as to which version moves you more. 


The idea was to create shapes using fabric. These are self shot images.
(Wearing Shivam S Platform shoes)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



To sleep as ye inch into deep
Slowly, beautifully
Yes, its beauty you have!
Nothing else occurs
Pin drop silence, and destruction

Who pushed you here?
Somebody, so go crazy thinking
Try crazy
Make it last
Go hysterical

All of hysteria won’t bring life
Nor any recall
Here, nobody senses

Forgive everything you didn’t
Everyone that did
Here is continuity
That’s all

To move as an actor, not a dancer, I realized is a completely different ball game all together, My head hurt and I exhausted myself within the first 5 minutes of the first shot. Even though I have never completed any formal training in dance, I have always considered movement to be an intrinsic strength. But this piece sort of gave me the reality check that I needed.
Initially I only wanted to perform just to the music piece but then I ended up writing ‘Despair’ and challenged myself to perform to a script. So its important, to understand the piece well one must go through the script.
It was interesting dividing focus between movement and emoting. I had attended a workshop on Micheal Chekhov method of acting a while back which revolves around using ones Physicality instead of Mind to emote. And interestingly, that’s what I realized was happening here.
I was very focused on my movement (Cos it’s been years since I have danced or worked on any serious choreography) that I didn’t make any conscious effort to act. But I realized, because my movement was true to the piece and what I am trying to say, my emotions flowed accordingly.
It was one depressing day, let me tell you!
Also once again, Music supplements me in bringing out emotions I would otherwise have a tough time portraying. (Read a Mumbai Mirror piece by Sanjay Bansali on how Mr. Bachchan used music to get through a very difficult scene in the movie ‘Black’ so its not just me!)
But all worth it, for this comes close to the kind of work I really want to do in my career along with other stuff.
Do leave me your thoughts on the piece and the idea of movement for actors. That’s the whole point of this blog (And a bit of show off).

My Dance philosophy and movement is highly influenced by Terrence Lewis, Mia Micheals, Aszure Barton and the countless other artists I have seen growing up and on the web. Doesnt mean its not original though... It was tough to resist borrowing choreography from these geniuses. But I got through!